Friday, November 2, 2007

The Finnish Cookbook - Thanks to Liz!

Today in the mail, I received my very own copy of Beatrice Ojakangas' The Finnish Cookbook from Liz N. I do believe it is a first edition - I have been eagerly reading through the recipes.

Now that I have "mastered" the Nisu dough, it seems that there are all sorts of different shapes in which it can be formed for bread -- some interesting ones from the book include the "bishop's wig" (looks like a long wig with curls), "golden chariots" (vaguely resemble Celtic designs, and "Christmas Pigs" (basically dough in a curly S shape). Lots of new things to try!

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Anonymous said...

I have one and am now frantically searching for it as it was a gift from Aiti ja Iisa.

Sulo Juhani