Monday, November 5, 2007

Cloudberry Preserves and Hard Tack

Yesterday, we went to the closest Ikea store to look for a couple of things for the house and to do some gift shopping (both Christmas related and other). Of course, we had to stop at the food market which is just outside the cashier area. G. is a huge herring fan, which I may have mentioned before. He bought a couple of jars of pickled herring. You can be sure that I will not be sampling those! We had eaten lunch earlier in the cafeteria. Along with my Swedish meatballs, I had a multigrain hard tack type cracker which I liked a lot. I decided to buy a package, only to discover that they are manufactured in Finland. How about that!

In the food market, they also had cloudberry preserves, which I decided to buy. These were manufactured in Sweden -- however, cloudberries are a popular Finnish berry, as well. And what better chance would I have to try cloudberries!? The Virtual Finland web site notes that cloudberries are highly prized and they grow in boggy areas in Northern Finland. Cloudberries may be served at special occasions -- for example, a cream cake with cloudberries. Perhaps I will make some Nisu dough later this week, but I will form it into round buns, rather than braiding it. Then we can try the cloudberry preserves spread inside. A variation of the Shrove Tuesday buns.

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Kaija said...

Oh, that knäckebröd is näkkileipä in Finnish. I honestly don't know why it's called that. Näkki is an old imaginary man - something like a water man, a mean man that lives underwater and catches little children and young women if they're not careful near water. Näkki is something that was used to scare children in order to keep them from accidentally drowning when playing carelessly by the water. And leipä is bread, of course. Nowadays we call nisu as pulla. Older people do still use the word nisu, and these things vary a lot in different dialects.