Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Break from Finnish Cooking...

Dear readers -- I will be taking a break from my Finnish cooking adventures. My doctor has advised me to follow a low-fat diet, so baking and cooking in earnest is probably not a good idea for now. Especially cookies and the like! I will be writing about my life as a "Low Fat Foodie" at a new blog. Hope to see you there!

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midnitechef said...

Hi Karen,

I hope this doesn't sound weird. I'm on a similar quest to learn about my Finnish ancestory through cooking my grandmother's recipes and finding traditional Finnish foods and recipes. My grandfather was born in Finland (Kokkola) and my grandmother's grandparents immigrated to Canada through the states first, around 1880-1885 to Meeker and Cokato, MN. I have this family project in mind to research and cook my way through our ancestory then write a book about my family with what I discover. We don't know much about my grandfather's side of the family as he passed away when my mom was very young. This mystery keeps pinging me.

I'm glad I found your blog :) I also write a general food blog 'Midnite Chef'.